I don't just look at you, I see you!

I love to capture people in their full radiance. It could be full of joy or with a more serious tone. I do believe that everybody is photogenic. It's not about how you look or what you're trying to be. It's about feeling at ease so your true self will be reflected in the picture.
Besides taking pictures of people I enjoy the beautiful silence that nature has to offer us. It is that silence and poetry in nature that strikes me again and again. I hope that my pictures will increase people's love and respect for nature so we all can enjoy the wonders of it. 
There are also times I prefer to leave my heavy weight camera at home and just take pictures with my iPhone. No changing of lenses, no big backpack, no tripod, but just 'click' and there it is. Adding some simplicity to life. To check these pictures click here.
Ik praat overigens gewoon Nederlands, maar vind Engels altijd een fijne taal om in te schrijven. Vandaar. :-)

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