>>> Streets of Amsterdam

Walking on the streets of Amsterdam, I sometimes wish I could make a picture by just blinking my eyes. There's so much happening on 1 square meter. Locals on their bikes who get annoyed by tourists. And tourists who, after hearing a loud ring, finally jump from the streets to the sidewalk. To only name a (very innocent) example.

Nevertheless, with a camera around my neck, it seems that I'm the tourist, because I can get totally absorbed by my surroundings.

A little while ago I asked the people on the street if I could take their picture. I thought people would be hesitant, but they were not at all. I discovered that people considered it as a compliment if a photographer wants to take their picture.

In this series I focused mainly on women. Sometimes with their boy or girlfriend.

Meet Lisse en Lars

When you arrive in Amsterdam by train and go towards the citycenter, the Damrak is the first street you see. Not the most beautiful street of Amsterdam, but tourists may feel welcome, since all the shops and restaurants are made for them. :-) And as a photographer it's a great way of meeting people, since it is always very crowded. That's where I met Lisse and Lars.

Lisse and Lars are a couple from Zwolle. He studies in Amsterdam and she is visiting. They both still live in Zwolle, so Lars travels three times a week to Amsterdam. They were so cute eating their French fries, that I just had to take their picture.

In the beginning Lisse was shy and she did not understand why I wanted to take her picture. But I was captured by this iconic image, that could have taken place in the seventies. Also I loved her blue hair and matching eye make-up. When I said she could be a model, Lars nodded 'Told you so!'. I could feel the love Lars has for his girlfriend.

Meet Jessie

I met Jessie in a gallery in one of the most beautiful places of Amsterdam: de Jordaan. I thought she had cool hair (apparently I look at peoples are a lot) and asked if I could take her picture. Without much hesitation she agreed. Later I discovered this was actually out of her comfort zone, but that she felt at ease with me.

For me this was also a boost in confidence, since I also have to get out of my comfort zone approaching somebody I don't know. What I really like about this photo project is that in a short period of time you can make a connection with someone and in doing so not only get out of your comfort zone, but also out of your own bubble. Actually I now talk to 'strangers' on the street even more. With or without my camera. :-) To be continued!

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